Production Stills Nice Girls Crew

The "Bookclub"?!

Sheetal Sheth, Michelle Krusiec and Lynn Chen star in this raunchy Bridesmaids‐meets-Arrested Development, no-holds-barred comedy series. Assembling an all-star cast of actresses, Nice Girls Crew crosses the line of traditional comedy — and then goes a little further.

Leena (Sheth), Geraldine (Krusiec) and Sophie (Chen) have been true frenemies since elementary school. All grown up in the city of Los Angeles, the ladies seek refuge in a book club where they never actually talk about the book. Their subjects of interest? Sex, cannibalism, drugs and just about everything else you’d expect in such good company. Not to mention a healthy dose of lingering childhood drama.

Geraldine is a natural leader with an insatiable thirst for validation; Leena is a ruthless thug-ess in heels, and Sophie is the angelic voice of reason (but true undercover psycho). As adults, the ladies find themselves gathering week after week not because they like each other, but because their inability to mix with normal society forces them to rally for a bit of companionship and good reads. But when personal hang‐ups combine with delusions of grandeur, books make way for much more explosive conversation material.